Appointments | How to have properly handled timezones?

In any other app I know allowing “clients” to book appointments, the “client” does not have to do the math of timezone conversions.

However, in Appointments it appears that the booking form will display the available slots only in the timezone pulled from my NextCloud Instance?!

As in:

  • my Nextcloud instance (self hosted) is set to GMT00
  • my “Client” visits the form from Saigon (GMT+7)
  • my “Client” sees available slots in GMT00 time and needs to mentally die while calculating the proper slot for them?

I must miss something… but I cannot figure out what I would have to change in the App’s setup to have these times adjust automatically.

Perhaps anyone has a clue?


to make it clearer for everyone here:
does your “client” have an account of their own on your server?

if yes hthey could set their own timeslot and thus I think system would do the conversion for you/them (at least that’s what I hope)

other than that I only can think of some 3rd party apps that would do the maths. But how to link them into the process? :person_shrugging:

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No, they don’t.

Well, I guess that means Calendly is going to be the tool of choice as in past so in future.

I can’t have an appointment application requesting the “Client” to think more just because of that.

Thanks for confirming I am not missing something simple.

don’t give up so fast!

As I tried telling you: I was only guessing. Which means on the other hand: maybe there are more ways that I am unaware of.
Just wait a while and see if someone else is going to come up with more solutions.
Or maybe you want to make it a featurerequest on Github?

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Already made the obligated FR in GH, will see what Dev replies


I am just playing around a bit with appointments-app… and I can see that you can use some “external” - thing. Have you tried linking Calendly to it?

External is just to connect your calendars - and calendly as such is not what you’d use there, especially not when trying to substitute that closed-source tool for an open source tool :wink:

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