Appointments and calendar features : Appointment overwrites another's when they overlap on a shared calendar


I have a problem with the appointment booking feature on a shared calendar. It is not possible for several users to have appointments at the same time on the same shared calendar.
I explain the context: the goal would be to have a single shared calendar on which all people can put their availability and that appointments are validated on these slots via the appointment feature. A bit like in a medical practice with several doctors where the medical secretary sees all the available slots of all the doctors and appointments can be made for several doctors on the same slot.
I tried to reproduce this case but one person’s appointment overwrites another’s when they overlap.
Is this business case possible?
Or each user need their own calendar shared with others?


I think the usual way to handle calendars is, to use personal ones which are then shared with others. This makes sure that a person still keeps control over their appointments.

Nevertheless I’ve never realized that a problem appears if I create a new appointment in a shared calendar of someone else. I’ve just tested it and it is still possible to create overlapping appointments without any problem.

Please provide DETAILED information about your environment, the used software versions and provide a step-by-step description how you’re exactly trying to create these appointments.