Apply Password policy only to local users, not LDAP users

Hi there,

I’m running nextcloud 25.0.5. I’ve got 100+ users from an LDAP/AD integration. Outside of that, I’ve also got 100+ users added directly into Nextcloud, using their email addresses. So not linked to my domain or in AD.

I’m trying to figure out, if I can setup a password policy that only applies to the users in nextcloud (not AD users). I want to set a “Number of days until user password expires”. My LDAP/AD integration does not have write-back to LDAP. But I’m unclear if I setup a password policy of ‘Password expires after 90 days’, will my AD users also be requested to change their passwords when logging into Nextcloud, based on Nextclouds password policy?

I want to keep my AD users following the AD password policy, not be Nextclouds essentially.