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Following the update of the Android Nextcloud application, I no longer have access to my server, on another smartphone with the old version, access is correct.

the application developer advised me to remove the IPV6 configuration from my server, which I did but the access is still not correct: “could not find the host”)

thank you in advance for your feedback

Without any information about your environment, your network incl. DNS, a DETAILED description how you’re trying to access your server, e.g. over the LAN or the Internet, it won’t be possible to give you any advice. “could not find host” is usually a general DNS problem and has nothing to do with the Nextcloud app.

Hello, sorry for the return. Here is my configuration:

  • Nextcloud on a debian, I made the update 20.0.3
  • PHP version 7.3.19
  • mysql 10.3.22
  • DNS pi-hole

Connection is possible on a local or remote PC.

On Smartphone via the local application ( or remote everything works.

On the other hand on smartphone via the application with the remote address in WIFI, I have the message “server unavailable”.

the router is a freebox revolution V6, the IPV6 can no longer be deactivated.

IPV6 is indeed disabled on the nextcloud side.

I think you need to check on the device

  1. if the dns resolution is done correctly and if an ipv4 or an ipv6 address is returned.
  2. if you can ping the server using the ip address shown under 1.

On your DNS you should make sure that only an ipv4 address is resolved for your server.

Same problem here since the update to 20.0.3. Access through web browser, macOS client or iOS client is still working (and i can ping the server from the network), but the Android client on all our chromebooks (v3.14.1 on Android 9) can’t connect to the server anymore (it was ok with 20.0.2) throwing the error message “server not found”. Seems as something changed from 20.0.2 to 20.0.3.