Application / client for android

Hi, the question will not be an email client for android ?

Hi, I’d recommend to use K9Mail on Android:

I know the application, I use it, but…
email server -
client pc - thunderbird
client android - K9
problem in K9 - email cannot be marked as read , …
on the server marked emails as read does not display at all

I use K9 as a “notification” of mail and I handle everything only on the PC

after reinstalling the application you can see an improvement

And what exactly does that have to do with Nextcloud if K9 Mail is not working correctly with your account?

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If I mark the email in K9 as read, or I open it and close it after a while it reappears as unread. on the server side (mailbox) remains unread.
If I do the same from thunderbird, the label works normally.

Yes I have understood that. But this seems like an issue with the K-9 mail app in combination with and has nothing to do with Nextcloud. Nextcloud Mail is just another mail client, that is synchronizing with, just like Thunderbird or K-9 does.

You could ask in the K-9 forums if this is a known issue…

jj, my question was at the beginning if he doesn’t want to create an email client for android for NC.

You are correct. Nextcloud wants you to use whatever existing mobile client you want. The project instead focuses on standards compliance with imap and pop3, because they have stated they have zero intention to maintain email, contacts or calendar clients.

They also have no desire to maintain an email server. It will remain only the mail webui front end. You byo client applications and your own email server.


Why would they develop a client for something that their product does not serve in the first place? Your suggestion would only make sense if NC would include an email server. But as @just already said, it’s very unlikely that this ever happens.

I totally understand, but they have a web client - so I asked, there is no plan for an application for an android.
Nothing more :wink: