Apple VoiceOver screen reader support for Blind users of MacOS and iOS

Saw this topic on Reddit and curious on what people on this forum would suggest. Anyone have experience with Apple VoiceOver for visually impaired and blind users on #clients?

I’m totally blind, running Mac OS X and iOS devices with Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader. I am considering next cloud for home use and I have a few questions. Does anybody know how accessible next cloud apps are on iOS and macOS 10 with VoiceOver? I am planning to use next cloud for calendars and the conferencing features. How secure are the video and audio conferencing features? Will I be able to sync calendars between Mac OS and iOS? I already have a ferrel hosting seat box can I run next cloud from this or would you recommend getting a dedicated provider such as Hetzner? Right now I don’t have a NAS and I’m hesitant to try doing anything with a raspberry pie because I’m not sure how accessible the next cloud process would be to totally blind people on a raspberry pie.

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