Apple nextcloud app stopped working


the nextcloud app for apple iphones suddenly stopped working.

I can install it and configure it and once you are done the appliaction exits and stays in the background, when you try to switch to it…it exits again and stays in the background. When you stop it and restart it…same thing it exits and runs in background. I have tried it on two phones with the same result. Any ideas???

hi @CallmeAl

I do not understand, you can re-explain ? The App after configure account crash (she closes) ?


I have solved the issue now by doing the following…it seems to have been server related…I reinstalled and connected to another server then…and it worked…then I added the account to the app of the server where the app crashed…and now funny enough …it works again

A Question : was a migration of ownCloud ? Now do you have reinstall a new server Nextcloud ?

Yep the server that caused the issues was owncloud before…the other one was a new nextcloud installation from scratch.

I didn’T change anything at the server though…after following the steps as I mentioned above the issue was gone. I can’t say that the app really crashed as it was still in background and doubleclicking home button you were able to switch back to the app and then it exited immediatley again…but still in background.

Ok from here i can not find out why … :expressionless:

Can you provide more details? What versions are you using (iOS, NC, …)? Can you connect to the demo-server: ?