apple-iWorks are not recognized, .key and .numbers

Hello everyone, I have a small problem, when uploading .key files from keynotes and .numbers are not recognized by nextcloud, they are uploaded as if they were folders, and in the case of keynotes it does not allow me to upload these.

Nextcloud version ( 19.0.2)
Operating system and version (Ubuntu 20.04):
Apache version (Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu)):
PHP version ( 7.4.10):

some one known how repairt this?

I’ve got the same problem. A customer uses Nextcloud for his team to work on keynote files. It seems like the newest version of the software now creates .key files that are really zip files and those cause no problem but older versions of keynote still use macos “packages”. Those are really just folders containing multiple files and folders that make up the keynote file content. Those are shown as folders in Nextcloud.

As far as I know there is no solution right now that would make Nextcloud somehow “treat” those folders as files, e.g. based on their extension. It would sure be nice to have a solution and I’m quite surprised that very few people seem to have that problem!

Any ideas how to deal with that?

Well, it’s bit cumbersome. I run into this issue because:

  1. I’ve copied on my OSX Catalina DocumentForNumbes in Finder - from iCloud to Nextcloud. Then it synced and on IOS 14 I still saw mentioned ‘folder’ instead file.
  2. I need to open & save on OSX (just directly from Finder Nextcloud directory) , then it correctly displys on ios14
  3. Now I can see the file & for preview it’s ok, but - once you want to edit then
  4. in preview tap on right-corner Sent to… icon & pick Numbers; then you have also just preview - thus tap on righ-corner ‘EDIT’ label & you are here.
  5. After save in Numbers it correctly returns & sync to all destinations (on osx on mac).
    HTH P.