AppImage autoupdate bug (Pop!_OS)

A couple of days ago I got a notification to update to 3.0.3. I skipped it at that time, but now when I view settings, it says that I am using the latest version.

Screenshot from 2020-11-14 10-54-25

At the Install Clients page the AppImage is 3.0.3.

So is autoupdate not working? Or is 3.0.2 the most up-to-date for my Pop_OS 20.04 system?

Hello @Steve-Z,

using linux for two decades now and today is the first time I heard of Pop!_OS :slight_smile:

As I do not know about it’s package management I would ask you check that.

AppImage is distro-agnostic and does not use any OS-specific package management. It is just binary packed with dependencies. It is not even installed, just downloaded and made executable.

Apart from that, AppImage is true security nightmare! Admin has to give users right to download & run app from any source, totaly loosing control over what is “installed”. In some aspects it is worste than snap or flatpack (and much worse then standard rpm/deb/tgz package format). I just hope NC will abandon AppImage asap…

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@Rhinox I get what you are saying about “distro-agnostic” and I understand the basic concept of AppImage. What I am asking is why the client is saying I am “up to date” when there is, in fact, a newer version, and I was prompted (just once) to update?

To me, it seems that there may be a bug in the automatic update checking function, e.g., if user skips update with initial notification, it breaks?