[Appimage 3.5.4] Login troubles after upgrade Ubuntu LTS to 22

I’ve run the Nextcloud desktop appimage for a while now. After upgrading Ubuntu, the appimage acts odd. I have three instances

1st NC is hosted by a hosting provider.
2nd NC is from a Mail-in-a-box instance
3rd NC is hosted on my own server at my office (Nextcloud VM)

They all worked fine before the update, but now the app does not login on the third one. I go via “Log in” but nothing happens. When I try to add it again as a new instance, it says “Timeout while trying to connect to Nextcloud at abc.test.com/status.php.”, but when I visit that link in the browser it connects with no problem and shows the info. Server is NC 24.0.4

I tried to find a log file for the appimage, but was not successfull.

I noticed the login page takes quite a while to load in the browser. So I think the Appimage login times-out too early. Is there a way to increase the time out?