App version 4.2.1 crashes at splash screen on iOS 12.5.5

Version 4.2.1 (current in App Store) crashes after a few seconds of displaying splash screen. This happens with a new install (i.e. before configuration) and I think similarly after an update to an existing working system. The latter is a colleagues set-up that I have not had in my hands. A fix is urgent as I think this is a time bomb hitting people as and when they decide to install updates and there is no obvious fix to revert the App (no thanks to Apple).


I am also facing this issue and need it fixed ASAP as it impedes on my productivity at my workplace. PLEASE FIX!

same here, re-installation does not help.

+1 here, iOS 12.5.5 on iPhone 5S. Please, release a fix !

Same here on Windows 11.
In the log I can see it tries to open c:\Users\Appdata\sysadmin… This sysadmin doesn’t exist, the folder not either.

Same here: iPhone SE with iOS 12.5, Nextcloud app terminates immediately after starting. Uninstalled, reinstalled, no change. Can‘t access my files, upload photos, etc., serious loss of service. Thanks for fixing ASAP!

Looks like the devs are already aware:

Nice, hopefully it gets patched soon it’s really slowing down my process here at work.

Same here, not the most recent iPad Air with iOS 12.5.5 which appears to be the last iOS version for this hardware, which is good enough for reading news papers and books. But for access to the local library Nextcloud is required. Please fix soon! Thank.

There was an update this morning and it looks like the bug has been fixed! No more crashes and it shows Nextcloud Version instead of 0. Hope this update helped you guys too!