App to view localhost webpages?

Is it possible for someone to create an app that allows for viewing localhost services running in docker containers of the same server?
For example: calibre-web docker or any other cool dockerized apps: we can configure the Localhost Proxy app in Nextcloud to view or whatever localhost address they may be at.

This should do the job.
Be shure to set up your proxy triple carefully!

Thanks for the suggestion. I thought external sites would only allow viewing of WWW, not LAN.
I’m not too computer savvy, so I don’t know what you mean by setting up the proxy.
In my Ubuntu server running the Nextcloud AIO docker I’m also running something called Khoj (

Anyways, I’m only able to view the docker container through the LAN, not WAN. Is there a way around this?

Well, those 192.168.x.y/16 or 10.x.y.z/8 homeranges are never routed through the internet, you have to trickle around with your router and some dyn-ip services.

Had a hard time implementing that. But, I figured out that I can use NordVPN’s meshnet feature to connect to the localhost services on my server. Problem solved for me. Thanks for the input though.

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