App Tasks for Nextcloud

Is it also possible to install Tasks App from OwnCloud. Which version will be the right NextCloud. Or is it possible to test it somewhere on a server.

How can it be installed.

yes, it’s possible. As far as i know owncloud apps are compatible with nextcloud apps.
I also use the Tasks App on my nextcloud instance and it works great.

Installation works as you know it from owncloud.

I have v 0.9.3 installed and it works fine. It shows up under Apps -> Productivity.

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Where can I find this Version 0.9.3. I did install on Githab the latest Version. But i could not activate it. Did show me that my NextCloud version does not support it.


It shows up under Apps -> Productivity -> Tasks. You should not need to manually download it. Can you try deleting the local tasks folder and try installing it directly through the Apps interface?

I’ve Nextcloud 9.053. it is not there. Some others are there like Roundcube. Also in the OwnCloud Version it did show up but not in my NC.

You could try to install it directly from github:

I would try upgrading to Nextcloud 10 first. At least in my system the Task app is available then.

If you want to stick with 9, then you may need to pull an older version of the task app from

As i already did wrote It does not work. I ca not activate it.

Did you set the right ownership/permissions for the app folder in /your/nextcloud/dir/apps/tasks?

Thanks for answering. What kind of permission shall i give it. Read, Write? On FTP?


My permissions are set like this,

User ownership = my user login
Group ownership = Web server. (www)
Folder permissions: 750 (rwxr-x—)
File permissions: 640 (rw-r-----)

Depending on your hosting company, you can change permissions with FTP, SSH or perhaps through a web based control panel. The web host should be able to assist you with this.

If you have root-access:
Make the webserver user the owner of the app files:
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /your/nextcloud/dir/apps/tasks
(if you’re using nginx; the user might be different for apache etc.)

Next, set the right permissions:
sudo chmod -R 0750 /your/nextcloud/dir/apps/tasks/*

You should now be able to see the app on the nextcloud app page.

Tip: You could take a look on how the permissions are set for other apps and use them as a reference:
Something like:
sudo chown -R --reference .../apps/contacts .../apps/tasks (same with chmod)

I can see the App, but not activate it: Following is written.

Die App kann nicht installiert werden, weil die folgenden Abhängigkeiten nicht erfüllt sind: OwnCloud 9.1 or higher is required.

That is the issue. Update your Nextcloud installation to 10 first or install an older version of the Task app that works with 9.0.

Thanks a lot for your help. I did find an older version on github. This works fine. I use Redbooth and did hope it would be maybe similar to it. I’m looking more for a collaboration tool to work together in a team. I think this is more for private tasks but works fine as I tested it until yet.