App-Specific Passwords: Folder/File Permissons

Is there a way to tie an app-specific password to:

  1. just a folder (& its contents)
  2. an installed app & only folders/files/file types/etc that the logged-in app needs
  3. a time limit for app-specific password expiration

I ask because I use a cloud music player connected to my instance and in lieu of using a completely different account, as I am doing, I’d like to constrain it to only what it needs access to & nothing more.

Forgive me if this insight is part of the app-specific password feature-set (I couldn’t find any documentation).

Thanks for your time.
longtime OC user & nextcloud fan.

Why do you NOT want to use the different accouts?

I use the same to share only the corresponding Albums into my Kids’ accounts which they use on tablets.

I think it is much clearer to manage (and revoke) compared to something hidden somewhere in folder/app prederences.
Imagine all your requirements to be integrated into the hidden context menues…

Just my 2cent

Well I do; but then what’s the point for app-specific passwords and why should the devs create this feature?

If they create an app-specific password (with restrictions) then nextcloud instances with a larger user-base won’t need to have multiple accounts per user like you and I do. …which I’m assuming is their main corp client use-cases.

An app-specific password, tho protecting your main password, still shouldn’t give access to everything and is a valid feature driven by business rules that should essentially mirror the ones that already exist for the file/folder sharing feature.

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I totally agree on this