App "recognize" does not work on my Intel NUC


I was curious about the app “recognize” and about its results.

So I installed v1.6.1 on my NC v22.1.0 using the app store mechanism.

In admin settings I get an empty space. See


Log entries:

I read recognize/ at master · marcelklehr/recognize · GitHub and from my side the requirements are fullfilled.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Hardware: Intel NUC

Any hints for me?

@marcelklehr :pray:

Yep, patch is out already. Solution: Wait until v1.6.2 reaches you :wink:


I see you already added v.1.6.2 to the store, my local NC does not offer me the version.

Is there a way to manually refresh the app store info in my NC?

Not that I know of. You’ll have to wait an hour at max.

It is there now and I updated a minute ago.

Now I will wait to see first result … :popcorn:

Hmmh… settings page is there. But the recognition is not starting to do the first 100 images.
Nothing bad in the logs.

Do I need to start it manually at first time using occ ?

Mmh, the background job should start automatically :confused:

In the meantime I am back home and sshed into my NUC to launch occ command.

Now you can hear a kind of alarm tone from the device :wink:

I will stop it later and see if it will be started by NC.

Are you using cron (NC must have some kind of scheduler, or?)?

Yeah, recognize uses the normal backgroundjobs mechanism :confused:

Now you can hear a kind of alarm tone from the device

Uh oh, what’s that about?

Maximum load :facepunch:t2:

I think I have to many images (photos) on my NC: > 100k

ah, that makes sense :smiley: Tensorflow takes all the cores it can get… The classifier only does one image at a time, though

Did you ever get it to work?

Yes, the results are pretty good.

Stopped using it because of the load. Too much noise :sound: near the living room.

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heh, I can understand :smiley: