App question: why is word processing so hard?

I’ve recently switched from G-Docs to Nextcloud for a few things, but particularly I want it for on-the-go central data storage so I can use my 0.5kg tablet and a bicycle, or carry-on luggage, and not have to shuffle data around when I get home.

But I’ve been finding this really difficult to do for writing.

Android is bereft of FOSS apps that allow me to just open a file and type it in and have italics, bold, underline and maybe a spell checker and store them in a file structure I like and maybe have tabs to refer back and forth between different notes or articles I’m writing.

Also in Linux land I use Geany for note-taking (does tabs, let’s me sort files as I like them and spell checker - but not bold, etc) or LibreOffice for word processing (which is total overkill for just writing articles I’ll be sending to publishers, as it does publishing layout, printing, advanced formatting, etc etc - but also still doesn’t do tabs).

This is also quite hard to do on Nextcloud, I noticed - for OnlyOffice and Collabora I understand I need external servers running this software before I use a client on Nextcloud, and Carnet does some of the things I want (but for some reason doesn’t let me store my files in the structure I’ve been using for years on my hard drive and that suits my workflow, and doesn’t do tabs, and don’t think it has a spellchecker). AFAIK this is the extent of my options.

So genuine question - is there something really hard about word processing I’m not getting? I don’t write software, so I have no idea, but this handful of desired feature don’t seem to just be available in one piece of software.


I think its not hard, its just a question of the technology stacks its developed in. OnlyOffice runs pretty smooth, but can’t run inside NC … so you just put another service next to it, connect the two and it works, your end users will not see a difference … the combination is also available as a software appliance, so not sure whats hard about that, its maybe just different then todays deployment you run …