App Order Not Working?

Does not work
Whats wrong?

Usually a good help request starts with information about your environment and the used Nextcloud version etc., etc. Additionally it is always helpful to use full sentences with more than 3 words to describe what you’ve found in the Nextcloud log file, what you’ve tried to get it running (e.g. setting the defaultapp parameter), how and what the exact result is :wink:

Cant U see whats wrong?

Hi Witzker,

It looks like you’ve reordered the apps and the top toolbar isn’t showing in the correct order?

I’d say first, make sure you’ve refreshed the page, the new ordering won’t be visible until the page has reloaded.

If that doesn’t work, ensure you’re editing the personal settings and not the default ordering for everyone in the admin section. Once you setup a personal order, the default sort order won’t apply to you anymore.

THX for taking care

Does that mean I cannot set the order as admin in the admin’s account view?

The order setup in the admin section will be the default for all new users or users who haven’t customized their order preference.

All users who setup their personal ordering will use that ordering even if the administrator goes in and updates the default ordering. In other words, any changes made to the default order won’t apply because they have already defined the custom ordering that they want to use.

I hope this helps clear up any questions.

OK clear now, and Now my problem

I’m logged in as Admin and have the problem you see in my first post

Order does not change even when I refreshed the page.


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