App or option for admin to remove files from users account

hi just wandering if there will be an app like impersonate for owncloud :GitHub - owncloud/impersonate: Allow administrators to become a different user

It allow administrators to become a different user.
its good for removing abusive files or files that are not supposed to be allowed in some places its a law that requires the admin to remove files that has copyrights.

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I guess you can use that app, because it was developed for 9.0, which is basically the same as NC 9?

but it would be nice to have it supported for the future of nextcloud

Well the app dev might continue to support both servers, just like many others do.

can this app be added in the app tool section ?

This app is sadly not (yet?) compatible with NC 11.0.2. I opened an Issue.

Good as i need to have this option…
as where i live there is a law that requires the admin to remove files that has copyrights etc…

@nickvergessen can we get this mod working for Nextcloud ? its not compatible with NC 11.0.2. and its a useful tool.

@raykai - yes, the author can update the app to work with NC 11, or someone can provide a patch to him/her.

This wouldn’t be super high priority for me as an admin already has the option to just delete the file on the filesystem (where you would put policies on copyrighted files) and use the file access control to limit things in a broader, automated way. And, perhaps more importantly, educate the users by actually talking to them :smiley:


well one of the authors clearly doesn’t care much about nextcloud .
“I personally work on owncloud and don’t care much about nextcloud”

tho other is saying:
“As the author of the app I don’t plan to invest time to add support for the fork. They don’t seem to be interested in a common app api. And I don’t have time to maintain compatability for two APIs.”

this is sad i really need this mod working or an other mod that dose the same thing.
im no coder or i would do one…

@jospoortvliet We have a lot of users and use Impersonate in oC regularly because (at least up to version to 8.X) sometimes the share-permission for a folder disappears, or a folder is grey all of a sudden and clicking on it causes the folder to be downloaded as zip (in contrast to showing the content of the folder). Read: bugs. Additionally we get issues reported by our users - which are admittedly mostly based on misunderstanding by the user - but which we still need to verify. And the only way to actually reproduce or disprove an issue is to log in as that particular user and to go through the same steps the user did who reported the issue.
Without impersonate this is impossible.
The unavailability of that app stopped us right now from actually migrating to Nextcloud. Which is a pity.
Maybe it’s an option to help patching the source or (in case the author is not happy with accepting a patch) do a fork. But maybe not. We still need to see how we will be dealing with the situation.
Read: I do think, that this app is important - especially for (other) enterprises / big installations.

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Hi Tom,

This ‘Impersonate’ app would be easy to fork as it just needs a version number. As it is developed by an ownCloud paid dev I doubt they will do it, of course.

It does seem a sensible feature for providing support, and while we try to ‘simply’ fix all bugs I see the use case for you. If you’re an existing (or want to be a) customer, you should certainly ping sales or support about this, in the mean time I’ll also ask around if somebody is interested in taking care of this…

Hi Jos. Thanks for looking at the implications of the fork. We’ll see if we can do something about it. Additional thanks for asking around!

So it turns out there is no problem other than a missing version definition for Nextcloud:
<nextcloud min-version="11.0" max-version="12.0" /> in info.xml
Other than that, the app has not been touched since August last year so it continues to work as it did. Nc 11 is simply compatible with such older apps. I tested it and it does what it should do.

Here a little how-to on getting this app to work:

  • Get the app, either via the tarball or git clone
  • edit appinfo/info.xml and add under the ownCloud version::
    <nextcloud min-version="11.0" max-version="12.0" />
  • Now you can enable the app and it will work.

It would be nice if one of you could add this to the github conversation?!?!

And - welcome to Nextcloud and enjoy the many improvements in Nextcloud 11 :wink: It is always nice to see people stick with us, thanks for that!

Thanks loads! Yes, it works. I will add a note to the Impersonate-repo the next days.

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Tom, little reminder of this - unless your post was removed, of course.