App "openproject_integration" - connection error (cURL error 60)

Dear all,

after updating the app “openproject_integration” to version 2.6.1, I can no longer connect nextcloud to openproject, both hosted on two VMs within the same local network. So far everything was working as expected for months.

While I still can do a
from the nextcloud command line without any problems, within the browser GUI it is impossible to set up the connection as it throws the following error in step 1 “OpenProject-Server. Enter host name”:
cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see for https://project.MYDOMAIN/api/v3/

In the config allow_local_remote_servers is set to 1.

On the servers, SSL certificates have been renewed one month back, maybe a side effect?

Any other ideas?

A simple

sudo update-ca-certificates -f

has solved the issue - hence I had to force the update with the “-f”-option,

Fresh updates.  Remove symlinks in /etc/ssl/certs directory.