App keeps getting disabled


I made an app and I placed it in the path /nextcloud/extra-apps/, now when I log in as an admin I see the app in the list, and when I press “enable” says “enabling” and the button change its state to “disable” which means the app is already enabled, but when I refresh the page, the button returns back to “enable” which can be understood as the app was disabled after the refreshing the page, keep in mind that another external app I added it to the same path as a test, when I enable it stays enabled unlike my app.

what could be the problem? also how to know if app is running on the server assuming it doesn’t have GUI


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Got this problem a while ago for an app I had historically installed manually.
Check your nexcloud’s logs. I bet you’ll see a lot of ‘access denied’ errors.
Check that your app’s files ownership are the same than the other apps.
That should solve your issue immediately.