App is not present in productivity folder


I just upgrade nextcloud 9.X to 10 manually procedure, this is ok.
I install collobora under docker, after this create news file configuration for NGINX.

but when I search the program in this submenu productivity , “Collabora Online” not appears.

Why this , and when resolve this problem.
My installation is fresh and have not data importante, if erase database and data on my server is not problem.

thanks for you help me.

ok I have re install by zero.

for activate this apps I change the minimal version on the file and after, this says on update for this.

Now I have 1.1.4 version.

I have one really domain and configure when explain on this

but a I’m not say when make link on my office.conf in my principal file .

have you got one idea ?

thanks for help me.

it’s for me now.

it’s problem from conf whith auto-SSL certificate.

Now I have. on lets encrypt certificate and its good for activation, but I have on other problem. I open other ticket for explain this new problem.