[App Idea] IBM / Lotus Notes "addin" analogous to the Outlook plugin

We have created a technical connection from IBM / Lotus Notes to Nextcloud.

Is there any interest in such a solution?
Then we could deploy a beta:

  • via API you can store files or create folders in Nextcloud in Lotusscript (Notes Agent, …)
  • similar to the Outlook Plugin users can upload files or create upload folders and send the corresponding URLs via E-Mail

If interested, please mail to wg@wg-its.de, thank you!
-Werner Götz

Update / 18.3.2019:
I have made a short video which demonstrates the features in the user context:


Actually a very good idea. But why not just deposit iNotes as a link?

Do you know the Outlook plugin? We have developed a tool that does the same for the Notes client.

The other part of our solution allows Lotusscript developers to address Nextcloud through a very simple API.

Excuse me. But we do not use Outlook. Therefore, I do not understand the meaning? Maybe you can explain it briefly, which advantages this has over iNotes.

I used to work for a large software corporation who deployed Lotus Notes (after being acquired by an even-larger corporation who mandated its use).

I really didn’t like Lotus Notes, and many other employees really didn’t like it either. Emotions flared, ranging from outrage to hatred. Our consensus was that Lotus Notes is a big step back from the open-standards goodness of email. (I feel soooo sorry for Redhat right now, if they are being forced to use it internally by their new owners!!)

I think the long and short of it is that Open-source-friendly people are quite likely to shun closed-source, proprietary software, such as Lotus Notes.

But having said that, no doubt money is to be made by developing such integration, so who am I to stop those developers from making a living, by advocating such integration?

I’d personally never even dream of using it, not wanting to touch it with a ten-foot pole. But large, rich, stogy corporations and institutions who are deadlocked into existing, legacy Lotus Notes installs, might indeed have some use for it.

Our solution is aimed primarily at users who want to send attachments via e-mail using the Notes client, which are too large for sending via e-mail or for privacy reasons should not be sent via e-mail.

It’s not our goal to convince someone of Notes.
Our offer is aimed at companies that already use Notes and Nextcloud.

I still do not understand that. If I want to share large files, do I use the cloud? I will send an e-mail with the release link. Why should I send large files directly via email? That does not make sense.

What exactly should be so bad about Lotus Notes? Yeah sure, it’s very complex and special. But these are the strengths and advantages over other mail clients. I have worked with many mail clients, but never hated one. Everyone has advantages and benefits. Therefore, your statements are rather destructive and have no value. May I ask which client you prefer?

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I have made a short video which demonstrates the feature in the user context:

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Das sieht schon sehr gut aus. Vielen Dank für das Video.
Ich melde mich noch einmal direkt per E-Mail, wenn ich das mit meinen Kollegen besprochen habe.

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