App: Groupfolders - whats the purpose? Dont get it!


I have upgraded nextcloud to 12.0.0. In the apps-section I found the app “groupfolders”, but I dont quite get its purpose. Isnt it the same like sharing a folder across a group when I am admin? Whats the advantage of groupfolders? I’d be pleased if somebody would lighten me up.


It means that you can have folders shared with groups that are directly managed by any one with administration rights - the old workaround was a dedicated admin account that shared those sorts of folders (departmental, finance, HR etc.). This functionality is a much cleaner approach, reduces admin complexity and improves audit trails.

Indeed on some older installations I had created a “dummy” share account which was used purely to manage global shares every user on the instance had access to, but didn’t directly manage.

Global shares takes the dummy user out of the equation. What you lose at the moment is quota support, but you gain a much nicer, simpler, more secure way of managing group shared folders.

Thank you @putt1ck and @JasonBayton aton!

Meanwhile I prefer the app “Circles” that offers a nice and userfriendly approach without adding or changing any user/user-rights.

How are “deleted files” managed for group folders?

I kind of liked that not only the person who deleted the files could restore them, but also the owner of the shared folder, which in the old case was the overall admin usually.

Not at all necessarily, any time this came up it was always a dedicated user for the shares when I was looking into it, which is why I ended up with a “global share” account from which shares were created. Worked a treat.