App for monitor pets/items location

Hi Friends,
is there an app that can monitor the movements/location of pets or report the location of objects (keychain for example)?
Obviously this app should interface with a specific hardware.


There is currently no such app.
That is probably more of a project, that could be implemented using the “Home Assistant” Open Source Project.

If the said device is Android, such as a smartwatch, you could use the Phonetrack nextcloud app.

Yeah, Home Assistant is the tool for smart doors, chips, and whatever other doodads on an animal.

Home Assistant is it a Nextcloud app? Could you give us the link?

Thanks to all!

No Home Assistant is a seperate app. And if you choose the recommended installation method (Home Assistant Operating System), it’s even a completely separate OS that needs to run on dedicated HW or in it’s own VM.

One thing you can do with Home Assistant is monitor your Nextcloud. This would allow you to create custom automations… who knows what you might come up with.

If social-security-number.txt is shared unlock the pet door, runs sprinklers at 100% for 24 hours and turn on all of my lights.

WAW! A very complex (and complete) OpenSource solution for home automation.
But this is a very advanced project, what I was looking for was something much simpler that the end user could easily implement.

Thanks anyway, you introduced me to a very interesting project!