App for document version tracking and approval

This is a feature request/suggestion. My (tiny) company could put up a small bounty for this, but I think a lot of Enterprize customers would like it.

I would like an app that can properly track versions of documents, before said documents are released to clients/suppliers/whoever. The app could be built up gradually:

The most basic functionality:

  • An app which can generate a unique ID number for documents (e.g. an index filed in the database), which can be used in the file name by users,

Next level:

  • The ability to store a title and brief description of the document in the database at the same time as generating the ID

Next level of functionality

  • The ability to restrict the information about a doc to particular users
  • The ability to store different versions of the document at various stages of the release cycle
  • The ability to upload a document and request another user to review said document
  • The ability to request another user (e.g. manager) to approve release/use of document

This app would be quite similar to a bug tracker in functionality and have many uses, e.g.:

  • Tracking purchase orders which will be sent out and having them approved by the purchasing manager in a seamless way
  • Tracking engineering drawings/documents as they are developed and getting them approved before something is actually made/deployed/purchased
  • Tracking legal documents as they are developed (it will always be clear what is the current approved version of a template NDA or contract or T&Cs or something like this is)

Anyway this is a suggestion, my company could put a little money behind it, but I think Nextcloud would find it opens up a lot of enterprize business for something that is relatively low effort. Even the very basic functionality to start with would be useful.