App-Cluster installation


nextcloud presented an app cluster possibility (global scale) a while ago:

How does this work / how can I use such a solution for my own? Is there any installation advice / experience report or anything similar available?

If you head over to NCs YouTube channel and grab the videos from this years conference, there is a video which expains this. The main consensus is this:

  • you can scale some components of a NC setup, e.g. HTTP-Server or MySQL
  • other components don’t scale that well

The main takeaway is: global scale is all about federation, where you do have many smaller local NC instances which trust each other and where you can easily find remote users, by their username@nc-instance-name. This way, you will have a decentralized, distributed cloud setup, which works around the limitations of scaling the distinct components.

Thanks for your explanation!

So global scale is not really for having one cluster of apps, which create one big nextcloud install?

No, but the video still shows some options of scaleability. The most critical issue is the datastorage for the user folders.

Here’s the video: Scaling Nextcloud Across Multiple Machines