App Access Control List (ACL)


I have tried searching for this idea however I hope I searched with all the naming conventions I could think of to find what I am looking for but there was almost nothing. So my question is…

Is there a way to make it to where Apps can have a general ACL list where an admin can assign Which Groups have access to certain Apps. I know some apps have this set in their settings, but not all apps do, and really for any Admin this should be a standard set for Admins. I have multiple groups that need different Apps. For example, Group “A” might only need access to files and folders to upload / download different files, and Talk App. Group “B” only needs access to the Calendar and Contacts as well as Talk App. Group “C” needs access to Talk App and Deck App and Calendar and Files. I have a good amount of Apps installed but don’t need everyone to have access to most of the apps at the same time. :slight_smile:

I hope I have fully explained the idea and issues regarding this matter. If you need more information please respond in kind. Also if you feel that this is a great Idea please like it.

Thank you for reading and responding if you do.

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