API for sharing calendars/task-lists?

I am looking for a way to share a task list with another user via script. I’ve looked in the documentation, but did only find an API to share files between users.

Is there also an API to share/unshare task lists or calendars between users?

The API being used is CalDAV with a few specific properties, which are more or less what’s being described here (RFC was never finished).
The best would be to look in the network tab of your browser developer tool to see what content is being sent when sharing a calendar or task, or look at how the javascript library we use does it.

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As a work around you can share all records from your database table.
Just select the right calendar by using calendarid:

select * from oc_calendarobjects where calendarid = 1;

Excellent. I didn‘t know sharing is possible via CalDAV. That‘s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!