Apache2 config for exposing PicoCMS sites

Hi all.

So lets say I have the following:


I would like that to be shown in the users browser when navigating to https://www.mysite.com

I serves Nextcloud behind HAProxy, and Nextcloud is running Apache2 in its own container.

From HAProxy I just adds a new SNI rule for www.mysite.com and directs it to same backend. No worries. On Apache2 though I needs help. I am not familiar with using the proxy features in Apache2, so I am a little bit on shaky ground here.

I have given it a try and I got it somewhat working.

am I the only one who have thought about using PicoCMS for this excact usecase?

Hi there, the Nextcloud VM implemented such an option. You can have a look how it was done here: vm/pico_cms.sh at 58e64cbdb36312c6512044798870ff9d7f811f51 · nextcloud/vm · GitHub
Hope it helps!

Thanks! It definately is a better start than my own!

What about the HTML rewrite? For links and menues generated by Pico?

It worked excactly as I wanted it to.

Onlyn thing I try to get rid of now is that links (the menu) still haves paths unwanted. for example:

Displays the site as I wants it to.

The link to front page in the autogenerated PicoCMS menu for subpages:

Sub Page Index:

And so on and so forth. Clicking/following any of these actually makes the url with the unwanted sub paths: /sites/ and for frontpage I wants it to just hit the https://www.mysite.tld url.

SO close to finish line now!

I think the links aren’t modifyable for now but there shall be a setting, for the next pico version that let’s you enter any domain and probably adjust those links correctly, afaik.

That would be the flexible and easy end user solution ofc. :slight_smile:

But it should be possible with some ProxyHTMLLinks. I agree though that configuring PicoCMS so the backend generation of navigation links is taking care of this, its a far more robus solution.

Sry but I cannot help with that!

Cool cool. You already helped a alot! Thank you.

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