Anyone using E2E with Minio?

Hello all,

Is anyone here using the E2E addon app, with Minio (object storage) set as primary storage?

My installation seems to continually get stuck syncing encrypted folders and I can’t seem to find a similar existing issue in the Github issues area. I’m using the latest NextCloud hub, recent version of Minio, up-to-date nextcloud client for Linux.

All my non-encrypted files and folders sync, but the process just gets stuck when it begins to sync my encrypted folder. Interestingly, all my workstations seems to get stuck at different points. Some will pull the entire folder, some will get stuck right away. Some seem to work but then whoops, the client see’s a bunch of hashed folder names.

Trying to decide if it would help to try E2E on a direct file system (no Minio), or perhaps just abandon E2E altogether and use a Cryptomator overlay instead.

Any advice? Anyone actually using this configuration successfully?