Anyone tried OnlyOffice document server?

I installed it on a machine of mine.
That is not just a document/office-integration for your *cloud, it is a huge crm/mail/sharepoint-competitor.
It has a calendar, office-mail, discussion-board, blog, jabber-server, chat in document-editing and what else you can think of.
Its very pretty and tidy, but I think a bit very overkill.
The Dockerfile of collabora has some 100 Megabyte max 1 gig, this has 5 gig.

Besides of that, it occupies port 80,443 and 25, so I have to check if I can remap them and if it still working.

You got the community server and the document server. These are two separate products that can work together nicely, but the Nextcloud integration is only for the document server, which is the office part.

ah ok, thanks, the primary thing is, if I can get it running on different ports then 80 and 443/and or with an apache reverseproxy so I can use it with nc on the same machine.

See here:
At least with the docker version it is currently not easily possible.

i got it running you need to use a reverseproxy with apache(or nginx):
in my case:

            # Encoded slashes need to be allowed 
            AllowEncodedSlashes On

             # keep the host                                                                                                             
            ProxyPreserveHost On
            ProxyRequests Off

            ProxyPass /

            ProxyPassReverse    /

my nextcloudinstance tells me that the plugin is not configured correctly.
ONLYOFFICE app not configured. Please contact admin
Even I entered the domain.
So I need to use https?
update: same problem with https

update, okay i fixed it,
you can only use http and http, OR https and https! Firefox and chrome refuses if you mix that.
Now it works.
The only thing is, how do I block usage from foreign users? in collabora you can control that with -e “domain”.


The plugin finally added support for Nextcloud. Here is tutorial on Nextcloud OnlyOffice integration.

I think there is still no support for ARM devices.
Please somebody help for ARM Device

Have you tried compiling it yourself? I see no real technical reason other than the high system requirements why it should not run on ARM.

Unrelated to that, anyone found out a way to change the ports so that it can run on the same machine (edit: without Docker) as Nextcloud?

I have it running on the same machine as nextcloud, as I mentioned above.

You mean without Docker?

no, with docker

Can anyone comment on the restrictions of the OnlyOffice document server? I saw that the “community” edition of OnlyOffice itself restricted to 20 documents open at a time. I’m not clear, though, on whether this is a restriction on the document server component itself, or only when used in conjunction with the full OnlyOffice server.

because its not available for download on arm Device
gives error cant download onlyoffice document server for armhf

Yes, because there they have not made any precompiled binaries for armhf. But you can download the source package and try to compile it yourself for ARM.

Here’s another quick how-to to install OnlyOffice Document Server for Nextcloud (and owncloud)

Does anyone here got success on ARM Device?
Please reply,

I have Nextcloud 11.0.2 in a Docker Container on my Synology DS-716+II.
I also have an OnlyOffice Document Server Docker Container running there.

If i want to open up a Document or Spreadsheet on OnlyOffice i got a message:
ONLYOFFICE app not configured. Please contact admin

The App is running and the OnlyOffice Server Adress is set to:
https://< ip from my nas >:< port to the OnlyOffice Docker Container >

also http instead of https with the right port is not working.

Any Ideas?

Onlyoffice does not support download of documents if the Owncloud instance is encrypted:

This should be at least mentioned in the documentation. Is there any fix available?


  1. Unfortunately Nextcloud and current verion of Document Server could not be installed on the same server but we plan to implement it in new releases.
  2. Current version of Document Server doesn’t support listening to any custom port. This feature will appear in 4.3 version which soon will be released.
  3. If you have only 2 gb of RAM without SWAP partition ONLYOFFICE can crash at fonts generation. System requirements for Docker DS you may see in our helpcenter
    Thank you for the interest in ONLYOFFICE

Did you implement an access restriction method from unknown nextcloud instances?

With a reverseproxy, and portrmapping in the dockerruncommand, you can use that on the same server, as I did.