Anyone have opinions or experiences with Open IT Store

I’m looking at their 100 GB plan for Nextcloud. I’m even taking it for a test drive currently.

My concerns:

  • Version upgrades. In my past, going from say version 13 to 14 meant having ssh access to my server and updating manually. (The internal Nextcloud updater has never seemed to from say 13.5 to 14, right?)
  • OpenITStore doesn’t currently have php7.1 which is required by at least one Nextcloud app I use.

So, anyone use this provider and have experience with support there regarding similar issues? Have you been able to upgrade full versions or been able to easily get Open IT Store to update for you? Similarly, any experience with support helping users upgrade dependencies?

Thanks for any information you can provide. Perhaps I’m being too picky and need to self host.

Why do not you ask directly to Open IT Store? So you can also see how fast the answer comes.

The Best way to test the Hoster :slight_smile:

Thanks, I did receive a response from a sales person there. The language used to respond illustrates that English may not be the first language at the company. So the answer to my question about upgrading whole version numbers was somewhat unclear.

Additionally, I was told the update to php7.1 should come in February or March. Thus, I was curious if any consumers had experience with the company so I could get a perspective similar to mine and not someone from a sales.

Hello everyone,

I am from the support of Open IT store.
to be precise, php was in version 7.0, and it only concerned nextcloud instances in North America. and since today, all new nextcloud instances all over the world are created in version 7.2. You can choose between production channel (14.0.6 for now) or stable (15.0.2 for now)
@sikkdays: this concerns your test instance, you can now use the application which required a minimum php version in 7.1

I hope that customers will be able to share their experience in this forum, because we have received a lot of positive opinions about our solutions and our support, but we do not allow ourselves to broadcast them here !!!

freely, OIS support team

Open IT Store answered my questions via email, but I came here looking for customer perspectives.

I will say that I am impressed that they answered all my questions, via a number emails, and treated me so well despite not being a paying customer. They gave me a test instance and even addressed the PHP issue before their earlier claim of changing in Feb or March.

In pursuit of customer reviews, I found people talking about other hosts and chose to try one of them. It’s a monthly contract, so should I become dissatisfied, I will probably try Open IT Store.