Anyone have experience with librecloud?

I’ve been self hosting a nextcloud instance with a Linode VPS for a few years and am wanting to look at some cheaper options. Librecloud looks very attractive, but being a relatively new company it’s hard to find reviews. They have three 5 star reviews on trust pilot, but two of them are after only a few days of experience with the company. I’m hoping some people with at least a few months of experience with them will chime in. Also, the about page on their website states that they were founded in 2019, but according to this page linked to on their about page they were incorporated on 2021, perhaps @librecloudhost themselves could explain that discrepancy?

Hello BottomNotch,

We started out as a sole trader business under a different name before becoming a limited company.

thanks for the clarification

Is it a nextcloud fork? It appears it uses a lot of the base apps

Why should they fork Nextcloud? This only leads to unnecessary administration work. But I think @librecloudhost can write something about that.

Because of their plans and faq that is nice:

Collabora Office Included
Full Nextcloud App Store Access
60 Day Off-Site Nextcloud Backups
Automated Nextcloud & PHP Updates
You can use your own domain …

The advantage seems to be that even in the smallest rate with only three users, Nextclouds are treated in the same way as the Nextcloud of larger customers. This can be an advantage if you can manage with the restriction to three users.

It seems 3 users isn’t even a hard, arbitrary limit set by librecloud but rather the limit for a smooth experience with the hardware/resources that come with the plan. When you hover over the ‘?’ next to 3 users it says “recommended for up to 3 users at the same time” (my bold not theirs).

It would be nice to know what you’re getting with each plan as far as RAM, and cores/vcores instead of just the maximum recommended users, which seems to be the only difference across plans besides reaction time.