Anyone else able to access

Hi all,

I’ve been using as my chosen Nextcloud provider.

For the past couple of days I haven’t been able to reach their website and haven’t been able to reach (where I log in and store my files) either.

My desktop Nextcloud says “Offline” but I can see that is listed as a provider if you try the simple sign up on the Nextcloud website. I have contacted to see if they are affiliated.

Has anyone else been using and know what’s happened?

If a provider just decides to shut down there is not much that can be done right?

Is there also a way to transfer my files to another provider or do I just have to copy and paste?

Thanks for your help.

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I do not use the service. But maybe you can access and then Login ( Maybe you find the location of your Nextcloud.

Because of the name vs. i tested for you. But it also does not work.

I found with Google existing Nextcloud data on . Also the Nextcloud server is actual Nextcloud It works for that server. Maybe you can login there or ask the support.

Hi devnull,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried logging in to both and but unfortunately no avail.

Maybe you can open a ticket. Hopefully you have got a copy of all data. If yes you can change to another Managed Nextcloud. Check also “password forgotten”-function.

I tried “password forgotten”, no luck there! And fortunately I do have a copy of all the data.

Should I raise a ticket through here? Contact - Nextcloud It says that support questions will be ignored through that form.

I have no idea. But if you are dissatisfied, you’d better change the Managed Nextcloud. That’s the beauty. All Nextclouds look the same and you are not dependent on one provider. Be glad you don’t have these problems with Microsoft Cloud. At Microsoft you have no alternative. Vendor lock-in at Microsoft. Only Microsoft hosts and sells their proprietary software.

Not dissatisfied! Definitely happy I’m using Nextcloud but I won’t say it’s unexpected and disappointing that I have to change with no info as to why the provider changed/shut down. I will switch to another provider. Thanks for your help.

The cheapest provider is not always the best.

Hello @boilgradient,

We indeed had unexpected issues with domain, but all servers should be up and running for few hours already. We apologize for all issues, but we definitely do not plan to shut down services, especially not without any notification in advance.

2 Likes and is up again. Thanks.

Regardless of the current outage, I would like to see all hosters transparently inform about outages. Both about current outages and that they have actually occurred. Some hoster have got a status website and list all there servers (red or green) and all there problems. That is very cool and for me an argument for buying.

Failure is bad. But worse is bad or no information to the customer.


Thanks for responding. It would be great to have some notification on any outages in the future. An outage or status page would be good!