Anyone editing/using picoCMS .md files offline?

I found this reddit link where someone is using vimwiki to edit

I’ve found its easy enough to get nextcloud to sync a copy of my picoCMS site down to my laptop locally so I can edit /use offline but ran into the links problem.

Setup a base href =" like the answer there and it works for the top level page but if I have pages below that the path gets added.

Sure I can still edit locally with the %base_url% but no images display so my want was to use the html base href instead so I can preview while editing offline.

It’s very simple. create a share-link between your Nextcloud-server’ s cms_pico directory e.g. /ncuser/my-web-site/ and a local directory on your local pc/laptop. Every time you edit a .md file on your local pc it is synced with your Nextcloud server and is online immidiately .

Yeah, I got that far as I mentioned, its how to specify paths within the md files since my local machine since it doesn’t know about %base_url% or any of the other pico_cms variables.

That’s correct, your pc does not know. But every time nextcloud syncs my local pc’s directory with the remote instanc on my cloud you can immidiatly verify what you’ve been doing by your webrowser after a reload of your homepage. In my case I use Typora to edit my local files on my local pc. Than save. NCP syncs with my NC so I can check with my Firefox what I’ve done. There’s no need to check locally. Of cause, your webroser does’nt find %base_url% on your local pc. Let him find it on your NC via external access.
Simply said your editing from the inside and checking from the outside at the same time.

You missed the important part of my question and that’s being able to view when I’m offline. If I’m viewing a local copy of my markdown file locally on my laptop in a markdowneditor like ghostwriter or ReText or whatever all the links to images or other files that use pico variables are broken.