Any way to resize widgets and/or configure widget specific options?

I’ve been using nextcloud for a few months and always ignored the dashboard because it was completely useless to me since I’m mainly using the tasks app with no dates and they appear in an order that’s not useful at all and it only shows 4 of them with a lot of the text cropped.

My workaround has been to use the tasks tab by default but since I’d like to use the calendar app too, having both on the dashboard would be nice.

Is there any configuration possible for specific widgets for the dashboard or is there different widgets we can install for the same apps?

Duplicating the tasks widget for separate task list and being able to select more than 1, being able to resize it to be able to read the tasks better, hiding the upcoming tasks and create task button that uses half the space and a custom custom title or the task list(s) as the title are the kind of things that would be very useful to me but my experience so far is a lack of user friendliness with the UI so figuring if things are possible and how to do them is always a challenge and there seem to be a big lack of customization options for the apps so it’s not looking like this is possible at all from what I can find.