Any way to randomize photos and display as a digital frame?

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simple question: I like the slideshow button for viewing photos on the Nextcloud server. I’d like to just have that run 24/7 on a device (could be tablet or a TV) like a digital photo frame/viewer. Any way to make this work or instructions on how to enable this somehow?

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You can mount WebDAV via WiFi from the device to access photos.

If you copy all pictures in one directory you can use a webserver (www.) on the same server as nextcloud (cloud…) and then use the following script with the path /var/www/html/nextcloud/data/user/files/pictures .

If it works you can modify it.

Thank you for the tip! I do have a web server running on the same server as Nextcloud already for my personal website but wouldn’t the slideshow be public if I do this? Isn’t there some way to modify the slideshow button/script already present in Nextcloud? I was digging around the photos app folder in Nextcloud but I am new to all this so I couldn’t find anything.

I think you can only manually start the normal slideshow for a logged-in-user or a public shared folder (with or without password).

You must then on e.g.
-klick on first image
-klick on the right top on “play”

Also yo can copy all image locations to a file an then use php to make a random slideshow.

Example for a public shared picture.

Perhaps you like the app “SharingPath” for nicer links. Only works for public sharing.

The basic slideshow feature is already there, absolutely, but the whole slideshow needs to be private (the photos are private) as it’s just for my wife and I at home. I just want to shuffle the photos in “” or the favorites sub-folder from within Nextcloud. Is there no way to just modify the slideshow script that already exists there?