Any way to configure sender email of calendar invitations?

Sorry for a maybe dumb question, it’s not trivial for me. I am not a programmer yet, but a solution-seeker. And I am new to nextcloud, too.

I use a cloud based calendar (iCal from Apple, for now). This calendar sends invitations, coming from “”. That regularly lands in my friends’ trash. I am looking for an alternative.

  1. Can nextcloud calendar configured to do this - sending calendar invitations from my own mail address?
  2. And is there any way to get the response back into my calendar?
  3. And can I sync the calendar with MacOS calendar and iOS calendar, so that I can add and remove calendar entries from there?

I have a free nextcloud subscription and tried out the calendar - also this one sends emails from a noreply-mail address - same mess.

Many thanks for your kind help,

you configure the mail server of you instance in cloud.tld/settings/admin > Email Server
I set up dedicated account to my NC so all messages are send by nextcloud@cloud.tld with reply-to:set to the mail address of the user. feel free to use every sender you want. but usually.

The Invitation has a button to accept/decline - this is a URL of you NC instance so no need to mail reply to the invitation (look like the response end in the mailbox of the sender - which again makes sense to call it noreply)