Any known issues regarding sharing with the public.php links generated?

The iOS App generates a public.php link to share a folder or file.

The web app generates an index.php link to share a folder or file. Why these are different, I am not sure.

I was using NC11 & was able to view the index.php links successfully through an NGINX reverse proxy.
I was using NC11 & was not able to view the public.php links through an NGINX reverse proxy.

The error I was receiving was 304 Not Modified. I tried adjusting some settings on the reverse proxy that supposedly help with this, as it is believing that the client already has the file? I do NOT cache on the reverse proxy.

I am now using NC10 (that generates only index.php files) for shared links and it works just fine through the reverse proxy. My NC webserver in both 10 & 11 is Apache. Very standard out-of-the-box configurations. I can post my reverse proxy log or any other logs requested. I would like to upgrade to 11, but I need the share links to work. I don’t understand what public.php is for or how it treats content differently. Any assistance is appreciated.