Any guide on how to migrate from iRedMail (with SOGo) to Nextcloud

Hi everyone! I was just reading about Nextcloud and I got veeery interested on it! I have been using a iRedMail + SOGo installation in a VPS to manage my emails and calendar but it’s a mess. Every single week I face new problems… and I use it for work! I mean, is very fun to learn stuff, but that’s not my day job. Just today I changed my email signature in a new account and everything broke (now I can’t even login and there’s a guy trying to help me in the forums).

So I just want to migrate to Nextlcoud now. Mostly because of the huuuge community and the full suite that it offers apart from just email.

Do you know of any site or topic here where I could fine some guidance on how to migrate? I was trying to find something in Google, but not even a single result. Maybe is not common people migrating from one system to another? Well, I don’t know. If you can lend me a hand on this I would be really grateful!


Hello @dropestein

… and welcome to the forum. Thank for your first participation on here.

Well… regarding your calendar - can you export it to ics? Afaik you then you easily import it back to nextcloud-calendar.
As for email… I’m afraid you’d need someone/some place to send/receive your emails (aka emailserver) as nextcloud has no built-in email-server.

You though could take a look to for free :wink:

Hope that I could answer your questions

Oh! Ok! As it said that it has email cappabilities I thought it was an email server too. So I guess I’m stuck with iRedMail.

Yes, that answer some of my questions. Nextcloud is more like SOGo then. Well, that makes it more easy now.


I, personally, at some point had given up on the idea of hosting my own emailserver (I took a look at iRedMail as well - but would have decided for mailcow in the end) but after learning of all the trouble that might come with doing that I quickly gave up on the idea of doing so.
And thus I ended up at having a hosted emailserver at servercow. Great service there. And you could talk to the guy there about how much they would charge you…