Any Experiences with Windows RDP Terminal Server and NC Client Desktop App?

Does anybody has Experience with NC Client App on Windows Terminal Servers? Does the Nextcloud Client App work properly for each User?

@jakobssystems Yes it works fine for me. NC12


Do you have any issues with saving the users password on your terminal servers?

Our users everytime have to retype the password when they log on to a new terminal server they never were before.

May you have a solution for that :slight_smile:

thank you for your kind answers, I’ve decided not to install NC Client inside Terminal/RDS for two main reasons:

  • Apps are running in seamless-mode and it would be irritating if another window would pop up suddenly. Users would think this NC Client window would belong to their local installation. I am rather using folder redirection now.

  • I am using Nextcloud mainly for data separation between clients and servers. Nextcloud is a data gateway and frees users from ancient SMB network drives. It makes no difference if you drag and drop your files between window explorer or browser windows.

In general I do not like SMB shares and mounted windows drives in particular. And Windows is the OS with the worst DAV-Support. Have you ever tried to access smb shares via VPN from outside your network via mobile connections with low bandwith? Did you ever wonder why crypto malware could become so hazardous?

The new Anti-Crypto App from Nextcloud seems to point into the right direction, I will check it out soon hoping it is not just checking filename patterns but also the amount of modified/changed files per second.