Any chance to seperate the Download access and Read access?

Currently, the system behavior looks like if the shared user can see the file, he/she can download the file as well. Is there any chance to set read-only access? meaning the shared users only can view the file, but cannot download it.

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Br, Karen

If you only create a share link. You can add “hide download” as an option to that share link.

What if it is a shared folder/file? Will the checkbox Hide download invisible?

How do you mean now? if you share a folder you will get a few more options. if it is a file you will see the file but not get the download button. If it is a folder you will se a list of files but you wont be able to click and download.

I mean I cannot find the Hide download option. How can I find it?TEST1

dont type in an email or person. Tap create new share link. (I am using nextcloud 15)

Which one should be enabled in settings?

So, if I would like to share the folder/file to others/groups, I cannot hide download. Right?

No. if you share they will be able to download the file. You can only do that on a link.

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Ok, got it. Thank you so much. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the past, hiding the download option was impossible and it wasn’t implemented for a long time because you just hide the option, there are usually ways around that, so you can’t really prevent a download. The ways around are just more or less easy.

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Got it. Thank you for the comments.:slightly_smiling_face: