Any chance to get this plugin under develpment again?


I really like to use thunderbird as a mail client and filelink is a great thing to have. I like this plugin and I can understand that the maintainer is no longer interested… but is there anyone available to continue its maintenance? Thunderbird changes from time to time and Nextcloud has just released v14, which may require changes in the plugin.

I would want to place a bounty for it if there is anyone interested in taking over the development.

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thats great! plus: you better should put the bounty as well on the github-page so that more ppl will be aware of it (i know that it worked with another app … which is mainained again)

Like I described here. :cry:
I also would place a bounty.
@ediazcomellas maybe start a small crowdfunding campaign…

If the original maintainers want to restart the development, I can place a bounty on it. Does anyone have contact with the original developers?

Better done than said. $150 in this bounty.

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One of them is @jospoortvliet.

@jospoortvliet I hope you are willing to make a new relase of the filelink plugin! It would be greatly appreciated.

Guillaume Viguier has sent me an updated plugin for testing. If it works he will push it to the repository.

I will keep you informed.

I see there are still bugs.
Maybe NDev8 can fix it. I have hope!

Just gave a try - zip src from git and install to Thunderbird Add-On’s. I had to clear saved passwords for site but it seams is working now. Cheers, great job :grinning::+1: