Antivirus w/ encryption

Hi all,

I’m curious about how the Antivirus app works when home folder encryption is enabled. Is the file scanned before it’s encrypted, or vice versa? Obviously the latter would make it useless, which is why it’s important to know.


What is “home folder” encryption? There is user key, master key and end-to-end encryption in NC … obviously the later doesn’t matter for AV and with the first two the scan happens right after assembly, prior to writing to storage …

Yep. AV scan is prior to encryption …

Thanks! :slight_smile:

But think about it twice before enabling on local storage on the same server (yellow box: And if you still want to do it, think about a good backup strategy (please test recovery procedure as well). There were a few bugs with no real clarification:"feature%3A+encryption+(server-side)"