Antivirus files and live scanning via desktop client

it is very useful to have scanning of files via uploading through web interface of nextcloud.

In addition, it would be very useful also to add scanning via clamav-daemon to files that are synchronized via webdav nextcloud client (mac or PC). Do anyone know if this is possible?


Hello @tflidd ,
antivirus for files works only when uploading files via web interface.

Desktop client can upload any type of virus without any problems (version 3.8.0 on macos, osx-21-6-0)

Most have a virus scanner on the desktop. In the description it states that you can use background jobs to scan on a regular basis:

Background Job to scan all files

For the desktop client, there is a report on the bugtracker:

You are right that most people have a virus scanner. But I would like to know that even someone that hasn’t an antivirus is protected.

About the background job, this is a different issue. Background are heavy, are scheduled on regular basis but it passes some time before doing it (and virus can spread in the meanwhile).

We use mostly desktop client rather than web upload, and the report on bugtracker catches exactly the point. Unfortunately from the answers I imagine it is not considered a bug, but it should IMHO.

Hope someone will fix it and consider adding antivirus protection using synchronization desktop client.

All the best

For priorities, you have to check with the developers. Not sure if you can do something with the workflow app, that you don’t sync files after upload and wait a virus scan before being synced to other clients. And you can perhaps scan these files tagged as ‘unscanned’ first.