AntiVirus App: unexpected scan results for test content

ClamAV in Socket-Mode was running quite some time without issues. After the last update to Version 21 i recieve an Error when i try to save the settings: " unexpected scan results for test content".

As always it seems like iam the only one in this entire world who recieved this error (after googling it).

When i upload a file, the log says: “Failed to write a chunk. Check if Stream Length matches StreamMaxLength in anti virus daemon settings”. I checked the values and they are the same.

When i switch from socket to executable mode, the entire upload process becomes really slow. To slow for productiv enviroment but somehow it works.

Are their any hints you can give in order to resolve this issue?

I received the same error in the last 24 hours. You are not alone. :slight_smile: I purged the clamav-freshclam shit using instructions at Now everything is working again as well as before! And cross my fingers, certainly. :slight_smile: