Anti Spam NC Mail


in the settings for mail spam it says:
"Add the email address of your anti-spam service here.

Using this setting, a report email will be sent to the SPAM reporting server when a user clicks “Mark as spam”. The original message is attached as a “message/rfc822” attachment."

My question, what exactly do I enter there? Unfortunately I don’t understand that at all.

thanks in advance

Hi @lpart-SRO

If you’re a home user, or if your organisation / email provider doesn’t have a dedicated SPAM reporting address, where you need to or want to send SPAM reports to, you enter nothing there.

Just use Nextcloud Mail like any other email client. Most email providers already have anti-spam measures on their servers that do not require manual reporting by customers / users to resolve spam issues. And if you still receive spam messages from time to time, simply move them to the Spam folder, which usually tells the mail server’s spam filter that you have classified these messages as spam.

Thank you. Then I misunderstood this function. Now everything is clear.