Ansible Playbook to install Nextcloud and Prosody and JavaScript Chat XMPP on Debian

After a couple of somewhat frustrating weeks I have managed to sort out a working Ansible role to install and configure Prosody and JavaScript Chat on Nextcloud servers:

This also creates a private chat server available only to people with accounts on the Nextcloud server and a public chat server open to anyone with a XMPP (Jabber) account.

I’ve had some great help from the developers of Prosody via their chat room and also from the developers via issues for the xmpp-cloud-auth project at GitHub.

This probably isn’t directly useful to people who don’t have a Nextcloud provisioned by my co-op but might help someone if they are also working on automating the install and configuration of Prosody and Nextcloud, most of the interesting stuff is in this file:

And if anyone would like this setup, together with Nextcloud talk (a coturn server) and Collabora running in a Docker container on a Debian server then we are available at reasonable rates:

And can also provide managed Nextcloud servers:

Thanks for sharing :+1:

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