Another specific File Sync Question

In the discussion Syncing with Android not working. How's this meant to be? - #9 by Andy Andy wrote the following:

“For keeping a file in sync you can mark it as favorite / available offline which will sync changes between client and server but only for files, this is not present for folders”

Maybe I am misunderstanding something here, but also this is not working for me.

I created a test file and made sure it is the same on the server and on the android client. Then I marked it in the app as synchronized (green check mark on the right lower corner) and as favorite (star at the right upper corner).

But when I change the file on the Android device, even after hours this does not reach the server. And when I change it on the server, it also does not reached the Android device. I saw that at some point the green check mark in the app changed to a red x, but I had to actively touch on the file in the app, that the new version got downloaded again.

Any ideas, what am I doing wrong?
In the accounts settings for that account is the synchronization activated.

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