Another Nextcloud Hub in VM for end user created . Users are not needed to known about ssh , if everything work right

Hi ,Everybody interested in install Nextcloud server side , or just use Nextcloud to backup photos and video recordings , Now , we have another VM option to install . Just Download the virtual machine file (as a OVA file) and VMware Workstation player (v15.5.7 for windows and linux recommended) , after open the OVA file in VMware Workstation player , it will setup the server full automatic with TLS certificate . After add a shared folder on the host and use browser to open the nextcloud server instance , user can use the mobile nextcloud client to upload all the photos and video recordings to the shared folder on host. If the user’s mobile is in the same local network with the host. Test and feedback are welcome . Thanks. Download address [ Releases · funhometv/funhometv · GitHub ] . Now time funhometv included nextcloud hub 25.0.1 .

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